Voting Time!

[P.S. I FINALLY made new polls on the summary//chapters page of three lifetimes, so please check those out too! xD]

Soooo…I was looking at my old highschool notebooks where I kept all outlines of stories that were just in my head, and I thought how sad it is if they wouldn’t see the light of day. I actually only finished 2 stories out of maybe…30?! stories during my highschool & gradeschool life. I would just probably write like, 10 pages on word and forget about it the next time I watch an anime and get inspired for another plot line lol.

Soooo…out of all the story plot skeletons I wrote in my adolescent days (gawd, why do I sound so old. I’m not…really…), I’m going to ask you to vote for which one you would want to read sometime…in the future xD I can’t promise you I’ll start writing again right now, but at least when I do take it up in the future, I know what kind of story I’ll be writing.

But first, here’s the first poll:

I actually don’t mind either way, though I personally would want to read more about a female heroine, though male MC’s are more common nowadays. I think.

And here are my story outlines. They are really basic and childish outlines, and my teenage self had not left me with anything deeper to grasp lol. Genders and plot can be changed.

  1. Set in circa middle 1900’s. Story about a girl who can see ghosts, and upon transferring to a new house, she meets a handsome ghost boy (of course lol). A romantic comedy with drama. I wanted a tragedy, but then my brain resolved itself to make it bittersweet instead haha.
  2. [inspired by Fushigi Yuugi], where MC gets sucked into a cursed storybook and goes into a world full of magic and stuff. I’m debating on whether I should include reverse harem in this like the rest of the summoning anime we all know xD
  3. MC wonders why she has powers on Earth, and hides it cause it scares her family and friends. She gets picked up by a goddess, who is actually her real mother. Mother says someone had dropped the MC’s soul on purpose, and the mother searched for eons to look for her soul again. She then relocates MC to the world her mother governs, waiting until her daughter’s soul is mature enough so she could enter Heaven.
  4. Girl gets a new ‘boyfriend’, a robot boy that her father had created for the sole purpose of studying teenage hormones. Romantic comedy.
  5. Gender bender. MC is a tomboyish student on Earth, who jumps off a building after she gets surrounded by the yakuza who killed her family. Gets sucked into a vortex leading to another world full of magic (again?!) and disguises as a guy in a world where power meant everything.

There are actually more, but those are the ones that I remember off the top of my head. So please vote which one you want to read!



23 thoughts on “Voting Time!

  1. Lolli says:

    I like both 2 and 5. I’d be really excited if you’d make these into actual series 🙂
    Also, if you choose number 2, reverse harems are always a bonus :)) all the cute guys and girls to love our MC

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I love reverse harems myself! Hoho~ I can still make the fifth one a reverse harem too *sneaky grin* though the girls who would love the MC thinking she’s a guy, would be heartbroken lol


  2. I Want More Potatoes says:

    I’m happy most people seem to want a female MC. It’s so hard to find on RR.

    This is making me excited 🙂
    I wonder if there will be more potatos…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I could probably incorporate those in the next story I’ll write. With a different MC, but Juju’s kids have a cameo in it or something? :)) or they could be one of the main characters, I dunno :p

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aw a shared universe type of thing :D, with encounters with old characters, like in stellar transofrmations. I have the sneaking suspicion that Lin Meng is actually Linley from coiling dragon >_>.


  3. Because currently the votes show a near equality between 3rd and 5th, I got an idea.

    It seems to me that you could easily combine 3rd and 5th together, maybe the reason for the lack of rules/civilization is the goddess mom was too busy looking for her kid to pay attention to her world.

    The reason the yakuza killed her family was because they were trying to take advantage of her powers. You don’t necessarily have to have it that the mom tells her the truth of her identity it could be that she just suddenly finds herself in that world without a clue as to how or why (kind of like Satou of Death March) but perhaps at times of deep trouble she shows ‘godly’ luck.

    But no matter what you do I would appreciate it if you have at least some romance at some point because as shown by your last story you are not bad at that 🙂

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  4. Hey~ long time no see~~

    Anyway, I definitely want the fifth story!!! Pls? (plsplspls)

    Actually, they all sound great XD
    I’m just a pretty big fan of genderbenders bc when the MC is female she tends to be portrayed as stronger than in other genres. Not as true anymore, but I still have difficulty finding female MCs that I can easily relate to.

    I see that Three Lifetimes is done~ so time to read it! XD

    All those side stories!!! XD XD XD

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